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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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>> i don't know. >> for the better. >> just connect. just connect. >> all right. you have 54 seconds left. >> fluffy leggings. >> all right. let's have a big round of applause for larry. [applause] and this meeting of the commonwealth club is officially adjourned. [applause]
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>> thanks, everybody, for coming today. we are excited about this opportunity to show you this beautiful store, talk about our investment in san francisco. we have some great guests here today. first of all, thank you for taking time out of your schedule. we know the demand on your schedule. i am the vice-president and general manager for northern california northern nevada for our consumer markets. the demand on your time is a lot like our customers. that is why we have spent the time and made investments in a store like this because we know the demand is on their time. when they come into our store, they have earned a smart,
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friendly, fast service that we want to deliver. the technology that you will see today is changing and aerospace. so our customers expect us to be knowledgeable. at&t means a lot, our brand means a lot. we are going to help them enhance their life with all the products and services. friendly. that is self-explanatory. in this business, a smile goes a long way. we need to make sure we are friendly for our customers, and all the tourists coming to san francisco. and we have to be fast. we used to have a window seals over here. people would be sitting in them. it was too small of a store and we were not meeting their demands. we least the store next to us, which i will show you, which has some really neat things. before people used to have to drive out of town to get their devices worked on, or mail them in. today, we have a device support center.
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they can come in, sit down, let some people work on their own, possibly exchange, and that up front, we have a go phone section. number one, this helps our prepaid customers, and it also does a lot for tourism. we get a lot of tourists who come here and we do not need them in the store. we want them out supporting the community. this gives them the chance to get a cell phone working so that they can do what they want to do. what they want to do is take pictures of this beautiful city and send them back to their friends and families. or they want to take pictures, whether it is text messages, letting people know -- what we want them to do is be proud of the city and see the great sights. this is a world-class city. we need to deliver world-class service to them. i am telling you, it is so busy right now. we have to look at whether we
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need -- have enough space for them. we want them out in the city adding to the economy the investment we are making in the city, this is one store. we have another store down the street. we are doing the same thing on market street. that is a lot of our business customers. they have been in a spot -- small store that have not met our standards. there will be another flagship store similar to the spirit our investment in the city, $200 million in networking. the executive director will talk about that in a little bit. a lot going on in the city. we are proud of it. and people. walt disney said it best. you can dream, create, and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make that dream come true. we are hiring people and adding
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jobs into the city, and we have about 40 employees in the store. we are about to add others. there is a lot going on. we are thrilled about the investment we are making in the city. we are thrilled about the activity of our customers are enjoying with all of these great innovative devices. great, innovative devices. so, a lot going on. thank you for coming today. i want to introduce you to the regional president. i want to introduce ken mcneely. his team does wonderful things in the city. ken, i think he may have a guest. >> this is a primary example of at&t rethinking possible. this is our flagship store in san francisco and it is one of
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the biggest stores at&t has in the nation. besides experience -- creating this wonderful experience for our customers, we are creating job opportunities. we are expanding from 24 employees to 44. we will be expanding another store down the street, again, creating this wonderful experience for our customers. this is the first store in the nation to combine our retail experience with the support center, a payment center, and our store for prepaid customers, which is one of the fastest growth areas we're seeing in the wireless market. we are also excited to showcase our new uverse product, which we are going to start building in the city of san francisco, and we think the leadership of the
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board of supervisors for continuing to invest in the city and create jobs. we have talked a little bit about at&t's dedication to san francisco. we have a few public servants here. also years and years of dedicated service for the city as well. i am proud to have mayor ed lee with us today as well as the president of the board of supervisors david chiu. >> good morning, everyone. i am here to make sure the new and additional customers of at&t to what i think is really important -- they all call the giants'. at our at&t park. i want to thank ken and kerry for inviting me your.
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i am excited about this flagship store. they are doing it the right way. we have so many companies looking at how they can meet their corporate philanthropy and responsibilities. at&t has done that correctly. they all worked very closely with our board. i congratulate david chiu and the board for their decisions. they recently allowed at&t to launch their uverse. many customers have said, i want an alternative to what is happening, and so they have cut that alternative. they will be helping the best they can and balancing that with neighborhood policies as well. i know at&t will do that. they have promised to do it. it will be a good product. i also want to thank at&t because being such a good company to work with, they have done other things for our city.
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in addition to increasing employment here, offering service, making sure they were a global company, and global visitors here that's terry and ken mentioned. they are looking for things to partner up with us. one of the leading things it is a hand-held mobile phones for them in emergency services. all of those have been donated by at&t, because of their recognition of increasing community policing, working with these ambassadors to speak eight different languages in our neighborhoods, and helping them prevent crime, making sure the community is safe. they have invested in that as well. that just reflects another good,
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local corporate philosophy and policy that is consistent with the values of the city. i want to think at&t for not only doing those types of things, putting your name on the greatest sports team that we have, making sure it is up there, but also being such a positive company to work with, and also making sure all the things we do our modern and we have a place to recycle funds, where there is better battery technology, all these deficiencies modern san franciscans have to use and -- effeciencies moderate san franciscans have to use and companies that do use. let's see what that uverse is all about as well. >> president chiu?
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president chiu: welcome, everyone. san francisco is on the edge of entrepreneurship. i know that in recent years, we have had a lot of discussions about the role of technology in our city. i want to thank you for your commitment to work with the board, our neighborhood to make sure your technology fits in well with the rubric of what we are doing here. and 11 years ago, i started a tech company. part of the reason i came here this morning is i needed to see the latest and greatest of all the gadgets you have here, all the pieces of technology that ensure we are at the forefront of all urban areas in the united states, being on the cutting edge of technology and injuring what communications is about, ensuring what digital technologies and cable are
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about, and making sure we are fully integrated in the community. i also want to echo merely -- mayor lee's as. you are a central part of making our neighborhood say. thank you for what you are doing. >> thank you, thank you president chiu. now we have a ribbon to cut. >> let's go outside. >> innovation. >> alright. >> are you ready? ready? [cheers and applause]
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